The Role of Property Managers in Maintenance & Repairs

The Role of Property Managers in Maintenance & Repairs

Regular maintenance and repairs of properties can truly enhance its value. Property management firms should address the requests put forth by tenants and present a transparent system for the owners to see how and why their money is spent. If you’re in the process of hiring a property management firm, here are a set of questions to ask regarding their maintenance and repair tasks.

1. How does the property management firm track maintenance and repair requests?

This is better done using software. An ideal property management firm would make sure that no requests go unattended. Tenants must be able to make requests online, with response being prompt and satisfactory.

2. How are emergencies & off-peak hour requests maintained?

No one would want an answering machine attending your call or tell you that they would get back to you on the next business day, when you are in an emergency. Also ensure that it is someone proficient enough to handle your issue.

3. How do they practice preventative maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is a strategy adopted by property managers with which smaller issues are prevented from being developed into larger ones in the end. For this, schedule of inspections and maintenance are managed to address minor issues in a prompt manner.

4. Do they offer statements with receipts for repairs performed?

No one prefers to work with companies that levy hidden charges. Offering itemized billing for all works done represents the transparency in their billing process. This gives an idea to property owners like you, regarding where your money is going.

5. What do they do when tenants re-vacate?

Once a tenant vacates the property, an able property manager will undertake responsibilities such as cleaning, painting and repairing to improve your rental revenue further.

These questions and answers should let you find a reliable property management firm who can manage your rental property with ease.