Landlords! Your Prospective Tenants are Checking You Out!

Landlords! Your Prospective Tenants are Checking You Out!

Screening tenant application is a kind of job every property managers and landlords perform when they tend to put their homes for sale in La Mirada. When looking for a loyal tenant, they take the following factors into consideration,

  • Check references
  • Check workplaces
  • Inquire with former landlords
  • A thorough background check and
  • Tenant credit check

But, have your ever thought how many of your prospective tenants are actually looking for you? Are you really attracting any number of tenants who you actually want to have on your property? If you haven’t given even a second thought to these questions, then read on to find a few tips to attract a prospective tenant and have a better chance of success.

These are the Characters a Prospective Tenant Looks for in a Landlord

Professional Behavior

Today, tenants are looking for landlords who are professional business people and take their business seriously to belong to professional associations. So, if you are a member of any local apartment association or the National Association of Residential Property Managers, any other property management association or groups, then it’s the right time to add this to your profile or website.

Great Planner

Most of the tenants of this time are impressed if all the paper works are done while the processes are documented. They are looking for landlords or property managers with great planning and intellectual capabilities. If you have lease applications, background check authorizations, receipts, leases, move-in and move-out lists, emergency contact information and other forms of your houses for rent in La Mirada ready to go at all times, then you will be added in the good list of prospective tenants. Keeping your documentations and other necessary paper works ready always helps you to maximize tenant retention.


Tenants who are interested in renting a property, make a deep research on the land lord and the neighbors to make sure that they will have a peaceful stay there. So, work hard to gain a good reputation among your past tenants and the existing ones.


Answering office phones promptly and getting back to the tenants shortly after missing a call builds an image of reliability and honesty among your prospective tenants. They will count on you since you are always available to attend their queries and fulfill all their needs.

Great Communication

In any field, having a great communication is the key to success. By the level of communication skills you possess, your tenants can know your personality and professionalism.

Tips to Avoid Getting Late Rents  

Once you have found a tenant for your residential property or an apartment, the next step is to collect rents on time. If your tenant fails to pay rent on time, as a landlord you have certain rights to recover late payments and impose late rent fees. Late rent is a common problem faced by landlords and if you are currently experiencing it, then you are not alone! Here are a few tips to consider to avoid getting late rents.


As said earlier, communication is the great key to success and it is an important aspect when it comes to the rent payments. Both sides including the tenant and the landlord, must be clear about when the rent is on due and should outline specific plans to collect rents. Hiring a property management service also helps the landlords in collecting rents on time because they make use of several property management software and online rent collection tools that reminds both the landlord and tenant about the due. Certain software used by the property managers send constant reminders right to your tenant’s phone until the rent is paid.

Find Out the Reason

In some cases, late payment is frequent and there are a numerous number of landlords out there who have been complaining that their tenants are not paying their rents on time by making silly excuses. So, call the tenant or visit them with a notice of course and inquire why they are not being able to pay and may change the rent collection date to the one that suits them better.

Pay or Leave Notice

Even after utilizing all the alternative measures to avoid late rent payment, it is better to send your tenants a pay or leave notice to vacate the place.

Sometimes, there are times when your tenants get very busy in their lives that they forget to pay, and the payment procedure also seems difficult sometimes. So, it’s better to hire a property management service to collect rent and late payment fee from your tenants.